Go Mobile.

There are more than 6 billion mobile subscribers in the world. Are you using this market to connect and provide for your customers?

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United Capital Rebrand

2018 United Capital Rebrand.

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Get Multi-Screened.

Consumers move between multiple devices to accomplish thier goals. Is your company heading in the right direction?

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Print Is Queen.

Today's digital market may be King, but print is still an important part of marketing. Let's connect and make that impression.

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Recent Blood : Sweat : Tears of Joy

Service Tire Truck Centers

National 24 hour service center locator
iPhone + Droid App.

CRElaunch Online Publishing

Online digital + print publishing for
CRE marketing needs.

Keep It Simple

Baseball + softball batting
instruction book.

Astral Alaskan Islands

Multi-layer binaural soundscape
adventure iPhone App.

Great creative direction is clarity, cleverly delivered.   - joe stammen

Recent Insights

  • 8th
  • Jan

Looking Back At 2012's Best Branding

Fast Company - Co.Design

Cyprus-based designer Anna Kövecses has come up with a retro rebranding of the troubled American Airlines and Bruce Mau Designs informs the american people why Canada is cool enough to visit. Microsoft fell flat (literally) and Ikea's food rebrand leaves a bad taste in one's mouth.

American Airlines' new branding, though controversial, has created a robust platform to build on over the next decade. Canada's mix of flag and curiousities create an almost infinite palette of ad opportunities. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Windows 8 logos are flat and devoid of anything expressive and interesting - considering the color and expressiveness of the actual new OS. Big opportunity miss? And Ikea? Well, it makes me think there might be saw dust in those bottles.

  • 7th
  • Jan

Improving Your Website Usability Tests

Smashing Magazine - Damian Rees

It's always good to reference another's confirmation of the basics regarding digital usability testing.

I often send these to my clients along with our own prospectus because it continues to clarify the humanized process of why we do certain things a certain way - in a certain order. My favorite part of this article - resisting the urge to interrupt and help the case study user. That's like dousing bleach on a crime scene. (I think I have been watching too much Dexter.)

  • 6th
  • Jan

The Problem With Your Elevator Pitch & How To Fix It

Fast Company - Deborah Grayson Riegel

Some great advice I received from one of my mentors was when talking to people, be yourself. They will connect with you. They will believe you. Pitching like a canned robot or spoon feeding them something they didn't ask for only creates disjunct. Listen. Listen some more. Process. Respond."

From interviews, to client pitches, to just plain networking - It's always best to speak with your own voice and personality. It shows that your personally invested in the topic and genuine - and that makes others more comfortable and receptive. Whether we belive it or not, people always know when something is canned or impersonal. It's as bad as 'death by Powerpoint'. Get personally invested! It Makes all the difference.

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